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Facilities at Pluit Junction
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Food & Beverages  |  Bar & Lounge  |  Health & Beauty
Fitness Addict  |  Kidz Crowd  |  Specialty Shop

Food and Beverages
Enjoy eating in Pluit Junction's Food & Beverages areas located on the Ground Floor(GF) & 1st Floor (1F), comes with the different concept and nuance of high-tech decoration without drive off the feel of comfort and warmth. Feel  free to satisfy your appetite whether it’s Indonesian, Asian or Western food. Moreover, Pluit Junction is developing “Hot Spot” area for mobile users.

Bar & Lounge
For Clubbers mania, PJ has Bar & Lounge with area coverage 2500 sqm ready to entertain you and giving the freedom to express yourself on 5th & 6th Floors.

Health & Beauty
Pluit Junction is also here to take care of all your needs for caring, beauty, and health. For those after having a busy working day, Pluit Junction has the right place for you to relax and enjoying spa and the others Special Treatment on the 2nd floor.

Fitness Addict
For gym enthusiasts, join as a member, and be sweat a little in the most famous Celebrity Fitness center on the 2nd & 3rd floors in Pluit Junction.

Kidz Crowd
With a pleasure, we would like to inform you that kids arena is here too in Pluit Junction on the 3rd floor. It’s so much fun!!

Specialty Shop
PJ offers varieties of specialty shop to take care of all your lifestyle needs.

Everybody have a right for has  being attractive so let us satisfy your shopping urge here in Pluit Junction.

Bicycle Parking
It’s a credit for Pluit Junction to support bikers therefore, bicycle parking is now available in the main lobby area.







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